Thank you for a wonderful conference

Thank you to all who attended and supported the WCISA conference in Pasadena. Our hope is that you took away new ideas and concepts to support your role in arboriculture.

For a conference celebrating its 80th year, we will remember it for its firsts. The UAA partnership was a new effort, proudly bringing a well-rounded strength to the programming at our conference, drawing a wider range of exhibitors, and yielding the largest trade show we have ever hosted.

Joining forces with the NATCC in Pasadena for the first time boosted both events and, incredibly, saw a climber from the Western Chapter win overall. Carrying familiar traditions forward and blending new offerings at these events showcases both the strength of our history and our future. While Arboriculture on Parade ends in Pasadena, the connections made will continue until we see you next year in Yosemite.

Download the handouts now.

In the words of WCISA president, Dana Karcher, “It’s like I threw a party and all my tree friends came!” Thanks to the 400+ people who made this conference a success.  If you weren’t able to download the handouts or presentations on the conference app, they’re available for download here.

What to know before you go!

weather forecastKeep us in your pocket: Download the Arboriculture on Parade app to plan your personal schedule, message fellow participants, follow social media, view handouts, take notes…and so much more! 

Attire: Attire for most conference events is business or resort casual. You’ll be right at home in jeans. Pack your walking shoes too – especially if you’re staying at the Westin as it’s a 10 minute walk to the Convention Center.   Wednesday evening’s Annual Banquet and Casino Night is your chance to get a little fancy if you’d like!  Jeans are perfectly acceptable also.

Weather: We couldn’t ask for better weather next week!  Don’t forget your sunscreen, shades, and a bottle of water – it’ll be WARM!

Getting There: Planes, trains automobiles… there are many options when traveling to Pasadena.  If you’re flying into LAX, Burbank or Ontario, the visitor’s bureau suggests the following shuttles:

  • Union Station FlyAway: This nonstop bus service goes to and from LAX via Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. From Union Station, passengers may ride the Gold Line to Pasadena. Flyaway roundtrip fee: $14. 866-435-9529 –
  • Prime Time Shuttle: 310-536-7922 – 800-733-8267 -
  • SuperShuttle: 800-258-3826 -
  • Xpress Shuttle: 800-427-7483

If you’d like to book another form of transportation, contact the Westin concierge at 626-304-1428 or the Sheraton concierge at 626-449-4000.

Parking: If you’re driving in for the day, the Pasadena Convention Center offers several parking options to make your stay convenient. Get the local parking map here.

Stay Connected: Share your key takeaways and experiences on social media!  Tweet or post using hashtag #WCISA14 to keep the conversation going.


Welcome from your WCISA President

Dana KarcherTogether with the WCISA Board of Directors and Epicenter Management, we are pleased to welcome you to beautiful Pasadena!  With its lush urban forest, beautiful architecture, and outstanding cultural amenities, Pasadena certainly lives up to its moniker, “Crown City.”  Much has changed over the years since the Western Chapter met in Pasadena in 1935, and again in 1970. Clearly the city has grown; so has the world of arboriculture.  The vision for our 80th Annual Conference is to bring together partners to showcase new and exciting projects, techniques, and research that have led to growth and change in arboriculture.  Our hope is that you learn something innovative to apply to your day-to-day work, or that you meet a new partner that can take your arboriculture skills to new heights!

When we envisioned this conference a few years ago, we wanted an event that showcased what partnerships can do to enhance our work in trees, no matter what discipline we practice as arborists.  Joining with the Utility Arborist Association was just a part of this partnership concept.  When you review the program, you will see that we have both national and local speakers that have knowledge to share that will enhance not only your tree understanding, but will help you appreciate the value of working together to create synergy around trees.

Be sure to join me in thanking the team of volunteers that helped to put this conference together.  Conference chair Nick Crawford and Program Chair Walt Warriner were essential in partnering with other committee members to assure that the conference in total, and the speakers and presenters, met our goals of partnering across all disciplines.  Also, don’t forget to visit the trade show to thank our sponsors and supporters who gave their time and resources in support of WCISA.  A special thank you goes to the Epicenter Management team.  Without their leadership and their support, there would be no conference.

Once again, welcome to the “parade”.  Enjoy your time in Pasadena!

All the best,


Welcome from your Conference Co-Chair

Nicholas CrawfordThis year’s annual conference in Pasadena marks both a new partnership and a continuing legacy. Looking back, the second annual meeting ever was hosted in Pasadena in 1935 and again in 1952 and 1970. We return this year to celebrate our 80th year of creating educational opportunities and connecting arborists throughout the West.

This year, the Western Chapter is partnering with the Utility Arborist Association which helps to merge the often distant hemispheres of municipal and commercial arboriculture with utility arboriculture. You’ll find the program reflects this with multiple tracks that serve different audiences within the same industry. Improving this kind of collaboration will certainly help to strengthen our industry.

Pasadena is well suited for this kind of partnership for one specific reason. The municipal Pasadena Water & Power utility is one of a handful of its kind and represents an integration across the city of both its electric power in one department and the care of 60,000 trees in its urban canopy in another department.

Everything kicks off with the North American Tree Climbing Championship as we host competitors from around the continent as they climb Saturday and Sunday. This event is years in the making with the winner advancing to the international event alongside the winners of other ISA chapter events. On Monday, you can take advantage of the conference’s proximity to Huntington Gardens with one of our three Tree Academies, plus three certification study sessions. With the conference itself starting on Tuesday, you will find three days loaded with CEU opportunities and a lineup of speakers that spans our industry’s specialties.

We hope you will join us to take full advantage of the program this April! Many of my favorite memories at conferences include both the things you plan for and the unexpected people you meet along the way. Looking forward to meeting you!

Nick Crawford

Four new reasons you’re going to LOVE Arboriculture on Parade

tree heartNew Ideas - Learn from the best in the west. Our speaker lineup is comprised of over 50 experts in the field who will share their expertise and encourage knowledge sharing within the audience.

New Products - An expanded trade show will provide attendees a chance to see the newest tools and equipment available today.

New Activities - We’re hosting the North American Tree Climbing Championship this year, in conjunction with the conference. The complimentary field day workshops on structural pruning, nursery standards, and palm tree safety are a great educational component to the event.

New Friends - As they say “The tribe is gathering!” Meet like minded people who care about trees and urban forestry. You just may discover you have more in common than you think.

And if that’s not enough…you can earn all kinds of CEUs!  Check out the detailed program for the breakdown by day. 

CEUs Available

????CEU values have been assigned!

  • Saturday – FREE Workshops at Brookside Park – 2.0 each
  • Sunday Certification Prep Courses – 6.5
  • Monday TREE Academies – 6.5
  • Tuesday  - up to 5.25
  • Wednesday – up to 6.5
  • Thursday – up to 4.5
  • Post Conference Tours –3.5